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A Woodlorean’s Birch Bark Canoe

The following post was kindly written by Woodlore customer Tim Farrington, seen below in his finished birch bark canoe: Tim Farrington's birch bark canoe

Having first seen Aaron York’s Abenaki canoe in Ray Mears’ book Bushcraft, and then watching the César’s Bark Canoe documentary on the National Film Board of Canada’s website, I was eager to find out more about these amazing crafts.

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In Ontario with Ray Mears

Ray Mears in Ontario (photo by Goh Iromoto)

Ray Mears in Ontario (photo by Goh Iromoto)

The latest issue of The Great Outdoors magazine includes a feature on Ray’s recent canoeing trip in Ontario, Canada. Ray gave his own first-hand account in a previous blog post of ours, but it’s interesting to see the trip from another point of view. Peter Coombs joined Ray and Becky Mason for a portion of their adventure, and his article can be seen in the January issue of The Great Outdoors, which went on sale today. To whet your appetite, here’s an excerpt: Continue reading