Moth identification competition

This moth was spotted resting on a pair of boots on one of our Fundamental Bushcraft courses earlier this month. Can anyone identify it?

The first person to leave a comment with the correct answer will win a £10.00 Woodlore Voucher.

Black Arches moth

The moth, correctly identified as the Black Arches (Lymantria monacha)

As many of you have pointed out, this moth is in fact the Black Arches moth (Lymantria monacha). Siegfried was the first to answer correctly, winning a £10.00 voucher, but well done to everyone who got it right.

32 thoughts on “Moth identification competition

  1. Martin Dryden

    Lymantria monacha – black arches moth
    Not sure if this is right. The wing colour and pattern seem similar but the antennae look different.
    My guess anyway

    Martin Dryden


  2. Malcolm McKee

    Well I had to look it up, but I think the answer is Black Arches Lymantria monacha. It’s natural habitat is woodland in the south east so that seems to fit.


  3. Adam Nicholls

    Black Arches Lymantria monacha

    Distributed throughout the southern half of Britain, chiefly in woodland habitats, the adults fly in July and August.

    The larvae feed in the spring, usually on oak, but sometimes on coniferous trees.

    Winner of ‘Comment of the Week’



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