Taking Woodlore to new heights…

The following text and excellent photographs were kindly sent in by Woodlore customer James North:

Dear Woodlore,

I have just returned from my month-long trip to Tanzania and would like to thank you for all your help you gave me when I phoned to ask about equipment. My Rogue boots were sublime, my Golden Eagle sleeping bag kept me toasty even at 4,000 m and my Karrimor SF rucksack was solid throughout the trip.

James North at the summit

James North (left) with friend Jack Greenyer, at the summit of Mount Meru in Tanzania

Before leaving, I saw your competition about where your Woodlore sticker has ended up, and decided I would take my sticker to new heights. Whilst I was out there I climbed Mt. Meru and decided the flag pole at the summit would be a fitting place for my Woodlore sticker to end up.

Mt. Meru summit

James’ sticker in pride of place on the metal flag found at the summit of Mt. Meru

Once again, thank you for all your help and for stocking such fabulous kit.

James North

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