Ray Mears: How to track wildlife

BBC Wildlife Magazine

BBC Wildlife Magazine online

How do you become at one with the landscape and follow the animals that live there? Well, BBC Wildlife Magazine spent a day in the woods with Ray Mears and asked that exact question.

You can now read the full interview with Ray online, complete with useful tracking insights and stories from his past adventures, from the following link:

Ray Mears: How to track wildlife

If you’re interested in learning about tracking and giving it a go yourself, why not take a look at our Woodlore Tracking course, or the Animal Tracks & Signs guide book.

4 thoughts on “Ray Mears: How to track wildlife

  1. Lennart

    Thanks for the link Woodlore. A few week ago I was in Sweden. I was able to track down a moose and take pictures of it because of the tips Ray Mears gives on TV. Thanks fot that beautiful experiens.

    Winner of ‘Comment of the Week’


  2. Jason Clark

    Fantastic write up, very informative. It’s nice to see an honest insight into an ancient art rather than a modern interpretation.

    Keep up the good work.


  3. Martin Dryden

    Thanks for posting the link woodlore. What a great article with some fantastic insight into tracking and Ray’s open views on the principles and humility required. It’s encouraging to know that even those we look up to are still learning and are open to say as such.
    Thanks again 🙂



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