A hand-finished Large Crooked Knife Blade

Patrick Jansen, a customer of Woodlore’s who purchased one of our Large Crooked Knife Blades earlier this year, kindly sent in some photos of his finished knife, complete with an engraved handle made from common walnut:

Large Crooked Knife Blade

Patrick’s finished knife

The blades (which were featured in the Ray Mears – Northern Wilderness series when Ray used one to carve a pair of snowshoes) are hand-forged by Svante of Swedish blacksmith company S. Djarv Hantverk.

Large Crooked Knife Blade

Patrick’s finished knife

If you’ve had a go at making a handle for one of these blades, please let us know and send us a photo or two, and you may see it posted on our blog like Patrick’s, who received a £10.00 Woodlore Voucher for his entry.

3 thoughts on “A hand-finished Large Crooked Knife Blade

  1. Martin Dryden

    Thanks Patrick. It’s a nice knife, with great binding and I just love the carvings. I love making an item personal like that. I’m still practicing with mine when I get the chance. Sharpening is the next thing I have to practice 🙂


  2. Martin Dryden

    Nice carving. The sweep of the handle is not the usual up, to rest the thumb on. I’m still getting used to this action on mine. How does this different style work out?



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