Wild Britain with Ray Mears – Episode 5 – Heathland

Ray Mears

Ray Mears on the set of 'Wild Britain'

Broadcast date: Monday, 8 November 2010, 8:00PM – 8:30PM

Episode 5: Heathland – Ray Mears visits the Brecklands of East Anglia

In this, the fifth episode of Wild Britain with Ray Mears, Ray explores one of the country’s least-known habitats – the ‘Brecklands’. One of the driest places in England, the Breckland is an unusual natural habitat, comprising of gorse-covered sandy heath, yet it is an area of considerable interest for its unusual flora and fauna.

Despite often bearing the brunt of the hottest summers and coldest winters in the country, the area is home to an abundance of exciting wildlife; brown hares, the rare stone curlew and the noisy pool frog – that until recently was extinct in Britain – all call this habitat home.

Ray also ventures below ground to explore an ancient flint mine, where he discovers a red deer antler that has remained there since the stone age.

3 thoughts on “Wild Britain with Ray Mears – Episode 5 – Heathland

  1. Andy

    Awesome episode last night – a real stand-out from the series so far. Lots of variance of subjects, much better photography, and far more wildlife shots. Great work


  2. Debbie

    Hi ! Ray ! Oh! I so enjoyed tonights programme . I have always wanted to see the Grimes Graves Flint mines ,thankyou so much for taking us there ! I wish your show was longer ! Debbie 🙂



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