Making your own shave horse

Woodlore customer and Camp Craft course attendee Andy Vaughan kindly sent us the following article:

Hi Woodloreans,

Just thought I would send you a campcrafty picture – it’s been a rather long time in the making, but I finally finished my shave horse. It seems like forever since I did the Campcraft course back in April!

Andy and Susan's shave horse

Andy and Susan’s shave horse (click for full size)

Fellow campcrafter Susan generously provided most of the wood, and we worked together on cleaving the log and flattening the faces. Having flatted the log with the Small Forest Axe… I really appreciate how much benefit there would have been with the lapping axe! It’s going on my Christmas wish-list.

I am already thinking about ‘shavehorse mark 2’, a bit longer and with some adjustable features to handle bigger and smaller components. Having a shavehorse will be useful for making another one!


Andy Vaughan

5 thoughts on “Making your own shave horse

  1. Jim J

    Nice work!

    We had a little spare time on our woodcraft course a year or so ago and ended up building two of these. It was bloody hard work, but a real achievement seeing it all the way through, from living tree to final project. And pretty much all the work was only done with our axes.


  2. Alastair

    Andy, an excellent shot , i have been trying to make one for ages and now i can refrence this so i know what i’m doing wrong,

    thanks for sharing your photo.

    Alastair Arbuckle.


  3. Rogelio L. Lora

    Its OK, I have researched about shave horses and now understand what theyre used for. Maybe you can shape next one to ad a seat on one end, making it more comfortable for prolonged use.



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