Camping out in the snow

While most of the nation has been stuck indoors thanks to the recent snow, Woodlore customer Garry Dutfield headed out onto the North Yorkshire Moors for a spot of camping, and even took his cross-country skis along for the journey.

After using a Hilleberg tent for his trip, he kindly sent in the following review and photos:

Dear Woodlore,

About 18 months ago I started looking for a new lightweight, 1-man tent. After many many hours of research and looking at every tent manufacturer I could find, I decided upon the Akto Tent made by Hilleberg – not the lightest, but the only one that was a four season tent. The last thing you want is it blowing down in a gale when in the mountains…

Although it has a hefty price tag I decided it would be the one to go for; I purchased it from yourselves as you offered it at the best price. I’ve used it 3 or 4 times, but never in the winter until last week, where I went to the North Yorkshire Moors. It was used for two nights while we did a cross-country ski tour across the Moors. It performed brilliantly in temperatures of minus 10 degrees centigrade and blizzard conditions – I must say what a fantastic tent in the winter.

I’ve enclosed some photos and  would recommend this tent to anyone looking for a 3/4 season tent. Well done Hilleberg, fantastic quality. 5 stars.

Garry Dutfield

Cross-country skiing on the Yorkshire Moors

Garry and friend’s skiing equipment at camp (click for full size)

Cross-country skiing on the Yorkshire Moors

Cross-country skiing on the Yorkshire Moors? Why not! (click for full size)

Hilleberg Akto Tent in the snow

Garry’s Akto Tent in the North Yorkshire Moors (click for full size)

Hilleberg Akto Tent in the snow

Garry’s Akto Tent mid-blizzard (click for full size)

6 thoughts on “Camping out in the snow

  1. William Bankes

    Looked like a great time was had…

    Next time you replace your Akto, or if you intend to go high, you might consider Hilleberg’s Soulo. It has slightly more room, with slightly more weight of course, but will stand up to anything that wishes to throw itself at you Garry!

    I discovered this on the very first night I tried to pitch my new tent, and was glad I wasn’t in my Akto.


  2. Richard Harrison

    Great stuff, i have thoroughly enjoyed the snow this year and hope it is a regular affair for years to come, I have to agree with Ian the shots look like they could have been taken on an arctic expedition.

    from personal experience it always pays dividends to get the best possible kit you can afford never cut corners or take the unknown cheapo option especially when it comes to tents.. i have seen the Akto up close and it is on balance one of the best in its price range. it does not suprise me that Ray Mears store has them in stock being a quality item.


  3. Ian Race

    Looks like a great trip, have been on those moors many a time but never needed skis or sled, looks more like Scandinavia/Canada!



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