John Collett’s finished Julius Pettersson knife

The following post was kindly sent in by Woodlore customer John Collett, who recently purchased the Julius Pettersson Hand Forged Knife Blade:

Hi Woodlore,

My name is John Collett and I recently bought this blade from your site. I was so pleased that I thought I would send you a picture of the finished article:

John's finished Julius Petersson Knife (click for full size)

John's finished Julius Petersson Knife (click for full size)

The main body is riendeer antler, with buffalo horn inserts. It’s a great little knife – hope I did it justice.

Keep up the good work.

Regards, John Collett

4 thoughts on “John Collett’s finished Julius Pettersson knife

  1. Ray rehmond

    Hi John,

    Very impressed with your finished article, because I myself love doing similar work.

    I have always wanted to put reindeer antlers but don’t know where to get hold of them.

    Would be great for any info where I can obtain them.




  2. Greg

    Hi John,
    You’ve done an excellent job on the handle, truly stunning. Just one small point you might want to consider is to add a steel tip protector to the sheath. If you were to fall, a good quality sharp knife can pierce right through the end of the sheath and seriously injure. Fixing a steel tip on the end of the sheath protects against this.



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