‘Wild Britain with Ray Mears’ now available on DVD

Wild Britain with Ray Mears DVD

Wild Britain with Ray Mears on DVD

The brand new DVD of Ray’s latest series, Wild Britain with Ray Mears, is now in stock and ready for dispatch from Woodlore. This DVD contains the extended versions of all six episodes, which until now were only available on the Sky channel Eden.

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6 thoughts on “‘Wild Britain with Ray Mears’ now available on DVD

  1. Oaken

    I’ve been comparing episode 1 to a video on Youtube of the Forest of Dean episode, and it seems there are some changes on the DVD version. Ray’s voice overs have completley changed and some of his dilaogue differs from what I’ve seen.

    There are, of course, extra scenes which is nice.

    Is there a reason for the dialogue changes, I wonder?


  2. Ian Turnidge

    I have watched this series on TV & enjoyed watching, most of the areas this ray visited I have visited myself on many occasions, New forest & Grimes graves to name just two.
    I hope there@s is series 2 of Wild Britain planed for the future.


  3. Carey Coffey

    Hi, had a chance to view the 1st episode of Wild Britain “Deciduous Forest”. I live in Minnesota in the US and our forests and climate are similar, so as I learn about Britain, I learn about my backyard, too. Spectacular!

    Winner of ‘Comment of the week’


  4. Edwin

    Hi I would like to know if this dvd will ever be published to be able to view it in a player in the USA?Your reply will be appreciated


    1. The Woodlore Team Post author

      Hi Edwin,

      At the moment I’m afraid that ITV are only producing this DVD in the Region 2 format unfortunately. If this ever changes we will certainly let everyone know via the blog and website.
      The DVD may still play on your Mac or PC though, or even your DVD player if it isn’t region-restricted.



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