Woodlore’s Staff Training Week

On the 18th – 20th March this year, Woodlore held an induction weekend for the new field staff whom we recruited in the winter.

The new staff were put through their paces learning the ropes of setting up and taking down camp, learning where the sites are that we use for courses, as well as the routes to local supermarkets and hospitals.

On this note, we would like to welcome Rob Bashford, Mark Booton, Ross Burt, Steve Corbyn, Iain Gair and Susan Hipkin to the team this year, and we wish them all the best for the forthcoming season.  Some of you may remember Rob from a few years ago, who has now returned to Woodlore after a couple of years pursuing other avenues.

With the Induction weekend over, the new hands were then joined by the rest of the outdoor team for the annual Training Week.  As well as a good chance to catch up, the week offers valuable training and refreshers in vital areas such as first aid:

Just one of the first aid scenarios

Just one of the first aid scenarios

The team receive some flint-knapping lessons from expert Will Lord

The team receive some flint-knapping lessons from expert Will Lord

Ian and James - just good friends

Ian and James – just good friends

At the end of the week, Woodlore’s Directors Ray and Steve Gurney presented staff members Brian Fox, Keith Whitehead, Nick Thompson, and Ian Lawson their Aspirant Instructor certificates for the tests which they had passed earlier in the year. Sarah Day also passed the AI test this year, but was unfortunately unable to attend the Training Week. Following on from this, James Bath and Dan Hume were awarded their Fundamental Instructor certificates.

The week was finished with a fantastic meal of roast chicken with roasted vegetables, pizzas and bannock, all prepared and cooked in the woods by the team, who were joined by the office team for a great evening.

6 thoughts on “Woodlore’s Staff Training Week

  1. Dean White

    Great to see James pretending to be injured after the Arctic Course and to see that he has literally shaved off a few pounds!

    All the best and hopefully see you on a 2011 or 2012 course or expedition.


  2. Ian Turnidge

    Congratulation to all those that got through from the assistant selection session in November 2010

    Ian Turnidge


  3. Zoe Ginster

    Congratulations to all! A special well done to Iain & Susan, who I had the pleasure of knowing on previous courses.

    Fantastic news, look forward to learning more from Woodlore staff in the future:)



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