Craig Turner’s Julius Pettersson Knife

The following post was kindly provided by Woodlore customer Craig Turner:

Dear Ray Mears and Woodlore team,

First and foremost I would like to thank you for the enlightment over the years on the many people, places and the knowledge that you hold. Alongside forgotten pioneering explorers, you have also brought wonderful craftsman to the forefront of my attention. Thank you.

The raw materials

The raw materials

My Julius Pettersson knife handle is a composition of reindeer antler supplied by Woodlore, leather spacers, Berchemia Zeyheri (Pink Ivory Wood) and Brosimum Guianensis (Snake Wood):

Gluing the pieces into place

Gluing the pieces into place

All finished off with scraper and 1200 grit paper, and then boiled linseed oil:

Craig's finished knife

Craig’s finished knife

About to start another, could get addicted to this!

Craig Turner

7 thoughts on “Craig Turner’s Julius Pettersson Knife

  1. T

    nice job – i’ve just started trying to make a knife – any tips on how you drill the hole throughout the wood with accuracy? i have already destroyed 2 blanks by drilling and going off line.

    all the best



  2. fredvein PSN

    Mmmm, I hate to be the dissenting voice but I would have contrasted to a more precise style of the handle, rather than tried to compliment the blade. The hand forged beauty is competing with the pseudo authentic handle. I also would have peened the tang out into an end piece, rather than a fundamental section of wood. I am micro-criticizing, it is still a beautiful knife!-]


  3. David Thompson

    Brilliant! beautiful job…one thing to note – I also looked at Snakewood for scales on a knife…it is really beautiful wood…but i was warned to keep it well oiled as it has a tendency to dry out and split. Just a heads up in case you were not aware…that thing is too pretty to ruin! 🙂



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