Watch Wild Britain with Ray Mears – Series 2 online

If you’ve missed any episodes of the new series of Wild Britian with Ray Mears, you can now catch up online with the ITV Player – just click on the image below:

ITV Player - Wild Britain with Ray Mears

7 thoughts on “Watch Wild Britain with Ray Mears – Series 2 online

  1. Ivan Counsell

    Ray Mears should be voted for Prime Minister, I am sure he is the only person who could advise people on how to make this country a better place.

    I have seen God….it’s Ray Mears….!


  2. Ciaran Rooney

    Agread, Ian! The last 3 episodes i’m really enjoying, and then all of a sudden credits! Also just curious if Ray will ever be filming around N.Ireland? The Mourne Mountains to be abit more specific. 🙂


  3. Ian Turnidge

    I like the new series of wild britain & I’m looking foreward to friday 4/11/11 programe on the norfolk river watching, only one drawback to the programes, half an hour seams a little short for this programe an hour long programe would be far better. I would also like to know if in the next series of wild britain that one of the program is filmed in my local county of essex.



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