Meet the Woodlore Office Team

Over the past month we created a brand new area on our website, to introduce you to our full-time office team. If you’re a regular customer of Woodlore, you’ll hopefully be familiar with us enough to know that we’re a friendly bunch who are always happy to help our customers!

At the core of Woodlore is a loyal and diverse team, dedicated to providing the best possible service to our customers all over the world. Why not take a moment to get to know our team by clicking on the link below:

Meet the Woodlore Office Team


4 thoughts on “Meet the Woodlore Office Team

  1. Mark H

    Hi Everyone,

    Every company regardless of ‘product’ needs a good engine room. Woodlore undoubtedly has this in abundance… but am I/we allowed a favourite? Jane Mitchell.. a Woodlore stalwart ,through and through. Very much a part of the Bushcraft Journey for many Woodloreans. Personally I have always found Jane to be one of the most approachable elements of Woodlore always welcoming and so friendly and needless to say helpful.

    Thanks Jane,

    Happy New Year

    Mark & Lucy


  2. Arron

    To Ray an the whole woodlore team,
    I first saw ray on bbc knowledge here in australia i’d like to thank every one of you as I know it takes more than just one person to make a show! I first got into bush craft watching the bush tucker man an the late Malcolm Douglas as a grasshopper (a kid) sadly he was killed after being run over by his 4×4 in the outback brakes failed on him (proves you can never be to carefull) anyway I have learnt alot by watching your program an like many of us who spend alot of time in the bush there is no where I feel more at home than in the aussie bush the peace you get, fresh air, watching native animals an no! noise of cars, trucks, crowds of people knowing its all up to you is like no other something im sure you all know very well anyway I just wanted to say thank you to all of you an keep up the great work your all doing

    Thank you all an regards arron



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