Nicholas Hall’s Julius Pettersson knife

The following entry was kindly supplied by Woodlore customer Nicholas Hall:

Hi all at Woodlore,

All the Julius Pettersson blogs motivated me to get my Julius Pettersson knife project finished.

I wanted something simple and functional, so I opted for reindeer antler kept in its natural shape for the handle, with stainless plates at either end and for the lanyard hole to keep water out. The whole structure was held together with epoxy:

Nicholas' finished knife

Nicholas' finished knife

The sheath was stitched and wet-formed around the finished handle and blade with a dangler attached to the belt loop:

The finished knife, complete with leather sheath

The finished knife, complete with leather sheath

It was an interesting and rewarding project with a finished knife that I am proud of and that will last a lifetime.

Kind regards,

Nicholas Hall

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