Woodlore’s New Rekindling the Fundamentals Course

Rekindling the Fundamentals

Rekindling the Fundamentals course

Woodlore’s 2012 UK course season has almost begun and we are very pleased to be offering six brand new courses this year. Rekindling the Fundamentals is among them and will be the first new UK course to be run in 2012, which we are currently very busy preparing for.  This course has been designed specifically for those of you who have completed our Fundamental Bushcraft course.

It can be difficult to find the time and a suitable place in the UK to really practice your skills and put them to the test. During this new course you will have the chance to learn new skills, while also practicing and improving those you already have, all the while having an enjoyable and informative time in the great British outdoors. Our skilled and experienced instructors will be on hand to help you improve and hone your personal skills, ensuring your progression.

Our instructors will also be introducing students to working with axes, while helping to improve the skills of those already competent with the tool.

We have often been asked in the past whether we provide a course such as this, so we are very excited to now be able to offer it to our students. So, if you feel the need to practice, progress or simply get outdoors for a week, then join us on the Rekindling the Fundamentals course this May.

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