Steve Satterthwaite’s Julius Pettersson Knife

The following post was kindly provided by Woodlore customer Steve Sutterthwaite, who created his own knife handle and matching sheath for his hand-forged knife blade:

Hi Woodlore,

I thought you might like to see some pictures of the knife handle I have made for the Julius Pettersson knife blade I purchased from you:

Steve Satterthwaite's Julius Pettersson Knife 1

Steve's knife handle, complete with matching sheath

Whilst purchasing a Julius Pettersson knife blade for my son as a birthday present I saw the wonderful handles created by your readers and decided to purchase a second blade and have a go myself. I had recently been given a quantity of yew in small pieces, left over from the bow-making process which I planed flat and laminated together to create a blank for handle and sheath.

Steve Satterthwaite's Julius Pettersson Knife 2

Steve chose yew as his wood of choice for this project

The knife blade is held in the wooden sheath by a spring loaded offset tongue which traps the blade when inserted:

Steve Satterthwaite's Julius Pettersson Knife 3

The completed project



4 thoughts on “Steve Satterthwaite’s Julius Pettersson Knife

  1. Katie

    Very nice, Steve – I love that!
    I do believe that I will have to ‘borrow’ that idea and attempt it myself :). Thanks to you (and to all the blog contributors) for posting the pictures of your wonderful pieces. They’re inspiring! The seamless flow of the wood’s grain and colouration is absolutely stunning. Very striking piece of workmanship!



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