Three of the Best: Winter Hats

As we all know, one of the most important factors when venturing out in cold conditions is to take care of your extremities – that is, your head, hands and feet. Body heat is lost at a much faster rate from these areas than elsewhere on the body, so it is essential to protect them with some decent headwear, gloves and socks. Today we’ll be looking at some of our favourite winter hats.

1. Possum Fur and Merino Wool Beanie Hat

First up is the modern classic that is the Possum & Merino Beanie Hat. Made in New Zealand as a by-product of their Possum Control Programme, this beanie makes an environmentally sound choice while providing you with a luxuriously soft and warm bit of headwear. The fur of the possum features a hollow core, and it is this detail (shared only with the polar bear) that helps make this hat even more insulating than traditional 100% woollen versions.


2. Merino Wool Buff

Second in our list, while not actually a hat, is an extremely useful and versatile bit of headwear known as the Buff. A popular bit of kit with outdoorsmen and women the world over, this super fine and insulating version made from merino wool is now a firm favourite of ours too. With the option to wear it as a tall scarf, neckerchief, bandanna or balaclava, the moisture-wicking Buff is a great bit of multi-purpose headwear for winter.

The Merino Wool Buff in Cedar Green

The Merino Wool Buff in Cedar Green


3. Fjallraven Nordic Heater

Last but not least, the Fjallraven Nordic Heater Hat is a serious piece of winter headwear for those really cold days. With a waterproof, wind-resistant outer and a soft, warm lining of artificial fur, this hat is perfect for low-activity use in British winters and also comes highly recommended for those attending one of our winter expeditions.

For the full range of woolly hats, caps and balaclavas stocked by Woodlore, please visit our Outdoor Headwear page.

3 thoughts on “Three of the Best: Winter Hats

  1. David Warrington

    Please read the latest review from me about the Possum Fur and Merino beanie hat.
    I now have all three colours. I have just bought the black hat which I think looks better, but as stated in my review it is without doubt the best around and so easy to push into ones pocket, less weight/bulk but you know when you pull it out to use, the comfort and warmth is second to none.


  2. Trevor

    Excellent article – I can certainly vouch for the merino Buff. I have been wearing it every day recently and wouldn’t be without it!

    Interestingly there is another animal with hollow hair – the reindeer! Still. If, like polar bears, they find a bit of hollow hair useful for the cold weather then that’s good enough reason for me to wear that hat!



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