Swedish Singer Yana Mangi to Join Woodlore’s Arctic Experience Course in 2013

Swedish jojk singer Yana Mangi

Traditional Swedish singer Yana Mangi

As you will no doubt be aware, 2013 is a very special year for us here, as it marks Woodlore’s Thirtieth Anniversary. However, this is not the only anniversary that we will be celebrating this year – 2013 also marks the twentieth year that we have been running our Arctic Experience expeditions in Swedish Lapland. To celebrate our twentieth year in the Arctic wilderness, Woodlore have invited world-renowned Sami singer Yana Mangi to join us in our adventure.

Yana will join us at the conclusion of each course, not only to sing traditional jojks for us, but also to explain the Sami peoples’ reverence for nature. She will also share with us her cultural connection to the natural world; a connection that deeply inspires her music.

The traditional songs of the Sami culture are called jojks (pronounced yoik), and it is through these jojks that the Sami express their respect and emotional connection to nature. It is a spiritual experience for both the singer and those listening, and it will be a real privilege for attendees of these courses to hear Yana sing.

There are just a few places left for this special course, so please book your place soon to avoid disappointment.



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