Woodlore Review – 5.11 Tactical HRT Advance Boot

Here at Woodlore HQ, we’ve asked the members of our full-time team to pick their favourite courses and kit from our range, to find out just what it is that makes them so good. Woodlore’s director Steve Gurney picked his 5.11 Tactical HRT Advance Boots:

Steve starts a snowy winter's day in his 5.11 boots

Steve starts a snowy winter’s day in his 5.11 boots

I purchased my 5.11 boots back in October 2008 after Ray recommended them to me. Ray mentioned that they were great to wear when travelling and I really liked the look of them. I am pleased to say that this same pair is still going strong today.

The 5.11 Tactical HRT Advance Boots were instantly comfortable and the UK sizing was fine. I find them so versatile that I wear them throughout the year in the UK; they manage to keep my feet cool in the summer, due to the vent holes, but also warm and dry in the winter, even in the snow.

5.11 state that these boots are designed to be lightweight and responsive, and I definitely agree with this. When I put these boots on in the mornings, they help give me that “ready for the day ahead” feeling and they are great for general day-to-day use and are not too bulky or clumsy for driving. The durable side zipper is also worth a mention as it really makes putting the boots on or taking them off very easy and quick; there is no need to touch the laces at all.

In summary, a very durable, comfortable and versatile boot, and I expect to wear mine for many years to come!

– Steve Gurney

The 5.11 Tactical HRT Advance Boot

The 5.11 Tactical HRT Advance Boot

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