Who Needs an Alarm Clock when You Have Geese

The following post was kindly written by Woodlore Senior Course Assistant Wayne Egerton:

Woodlore Team Member Wayne Egerton

Woodlore Team Member Wayne Egerton

“I’m having a girlie night in tonight with some friends.” Barely had my wife finished uttering these words and my rucksack was being stuffed and hoisted onto my shoulder. I knew just the spot… a seaside location about an hour’s walk away, and usually deserted.

The weather was clear, cold (2-3 degrees) and not a breath of wind. The joy of walking on one’s own is you see and hear more; wildlife not scared away by the idle banter of a pair. A woodpecker, wren, robin and not to mention a surprised fox, and that was only on the way there.

Tarp up and fire going, just big enough to keep warm and have a brew. As light faded, the tide retreated and it was just the oyster catchers, the curlew and the chill. I’m sure a fox visited in the night, but my hat was still on my head when I woke.

Home for the night

Home for the night

The dawn chorus is a truly wonderful sound when you are on the coast… who needs an alarm clock when you have Brent geese! A brew, pack up and head for home along the beach. More wonderful creatures from limpets to shore crabs.

Wayne's early morning view of the Isle of Wight coastline

Wayne’s early morning view of the Isle of Wight coastline

My reason for sharing my short trip is to hopefully inspire, and also help people to realise that not all of our forays into the outdoors have to be grand vogues that take weeks – some can be short and sweet and just as fulfilling.

– Wayne Egerton

6 thoughts on “Who Needs an Alarm Clock when You Have Geese

  1. Casey

    Just found this blog and this so far has been my favorite post. I live in Milwaukee and this reminds me of walking along Lake Michigan’s west shore out of town and waking with Canadian Geese honking up a storm. Thanx


  2. Marcus


    Inspiring pal….. Having just come back from the arctic, this sort of thing appeals. As you said, pack the bergan and off you go!!!! Just what the doctor ordered.

    Must find out OR organise a girlie night for the Chief of Staff.



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