Three of the Best: Waterproof Jackets

Your jacket is often your first line of defence against the elements, so it’s important to choose one that isn’t going to let you down. Woodlore stock a wide range of premium outdoor jackets – here are just three of our favourites:

1. Swazi/Ray Mears Tahr XP Anorak

First in line is the legendary Swazi Tahr XP Anorak – an unmistakable piece of outdoor gear that has become Ray Mears’ firm favourite over the years. Originally designed for use by the farm workers of New Zealand (a people who see more than their fair share of rain), news soon spread of its unrivalled wet-weather performance and the anorak was quickly adopted by bushcraft enthusiasts and outdoor professionals around the world. With its extra-long cut, world-renowned hood design and highly breathable AEGIS fabric, the Tahr XP is the cream of the crop when it comes to staying dry.

2. Norrona Recon Jacket

Not a million miles away from the Tahr, the Norrona Recon Jacket also offers superior protection from wind and rain, albeit in a full-length zip design. Developed with the help of the Norwegian, Swedish and Danish Special Forces, the Recon Jacket is a bombproof outer shell made from 3-layer GORE-TEX. Featuring articulated elbows, fully waterproof zips and underarm ventilation, the Recon is a technical waterproof jacket fit for almost anything you can throw at it.

Norrona Recon Gore-Tex Pro Jacket

Norrona Recon Gore-Tex Pro Jacket

3. Bergans Super Lett Jacket

At the opposite end of the price scale from the Swazi and Norrona offerings, the Bergans Super Lett Jacket is an ultra-lightweight coat that’s perfect for keeping in your rucksack for those sudden downpours. At just 460 g, the Super Lett offers excellent protection from the wind and rain without weighing you down. With a standard length cut and simple styling, this jacket is perfect for the great outdoors while being equally suitable for days spent around town.

Bergans Super Lett Jacket

Bergans Super Lett Jacket

For the full range of coats, jackets and anoraks stocked by Woodlore, please visit our Outdoor Jackets page.

1 thought on “Three of the Best: Waterproof Jackets

  1. Marcus

    I have had my Swazi Tahr for about 7 years + now and its like new and gets used throughout the whole winter and even sometimes in the summer :-(. It is my best bit of kit. If there is one piece of equipment that is absolutely worth the money its this…. “Lifesaver on The Journeyman”



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