How to Sharpen Your Knife or Axe with Ice Bear Waterstones

For anyone interested in buying a set of Ice Bear Japanese Waterstones, the following video guides from Ray Mears may prove to be very useful. They’re especially helpful if you are not already familiar with the different techniques involved in using these larger benchstones.

Ice Bear Japanese Waterstones - Sharpening Set

The Ice Bear Japanese Waterstone Sharpening Set

Each video shows Ray using the comprehensive Ice Bear Sharpening Set (which includes both 800 and 2,000 grit stones, a clamp and nagura stone), as well as an additional 1,200 Grit Waterstone.

First up is the Ray Mears guide on how to sharpen your bushcraft knife:

Second is a guide for owners of Gransfors Axes:

Click here to view the full range of Sharpening Tools at Woodlore

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