Ray Mears – My Outdoor Life

Ray Mears is a man who can shape a canoe out of natural materials, make fire without matches, track man or wolf, make shelter of snow or sticks, and knows which plant is good to eat and which is not. But where his drive to be outside came from, what prompted his interest in nature, and why he took the route he has in life is now clear, through this, his autobiography:


Ray Mears - My Outdoor Life


Published today, My Outdoor Life tells the story of how a young boy growing up on the North Downs of England eventually became one of the world’s most highly regarded figures in the field of Bushcraft and survival.


My Outdoor Life is now available to purchase in the following formats:


On the morning of the book’s release day, Ray was a guest on the BBC1 Breakfast Show; catch his appearance below:

8 thoughts on “Ray Mears – My Outdoor Life

  1. Mark Minshull

    Thank you Ray for sharing your wisdom and your humour in the way that you do. Your story speaks to me on so many levels and I thank you for being such an inspirational custodian of our planet’s wild heritage. I grew up in some of the wildest parts of Africa and I have been living in London for 12 years… I own all your DVDs and watch them often to help satiate my longing for the bush. Congratulations on your brilliant autobiography and I wish you ongoing happiness and productivity for many, many decades to come. Full respect! Mark


  2. Diana Taylor

    I really enjoyed reading the autobiography, and was lucky enough to get my copy early on.

    Although there were many stories from the book that I already knew, there were a few surprises. The chapter that meant the most to me was the one about Ray’s late wife Rachel. It brought back many memories from when I first started working at Woodlore and it was a privilege to know such an amazing woman.

    I hope you all enjoy reading your copies as much as I did and feel free to comment on your favourite chapters.


  3. John

    Book arrived on Thursday morning and finished by Saturday lunch.
    A fantastic read and an insight to the man we see in front of the lens. To be honest I think its only a small look at a hugely enthusiastic individual who is passionate about what he does.
    For someone who has been in the spotlight for as long as he has and to keep his private life closed away like he has till now I applaud him.
    Not one chapter goes by without finding out a little more about an individual who has inspired so many to lace up a pair of boots and get out there and look at nature just a little differently.


  4. Ed Hewitt-Symonds

    Bought the book yesterday and read it from start to finish last night!

    Fabulous book bringing back to me many of the things I used to do in my childhood which so many children now do not have the freedom or opportunity to do.

    It also made me wish I had followed up on many of these things and how I hope I still have the time to rediscover some of these now.

    A book to inspire the young and re-inspire older readers and to re-light those dreams from the past and make one want to live life to the full.


  5. Janey

    Fantastic autobiography – it arrived on Thursday and I’ve not been able to put it down.

    Ray, your strength of character, determination, compassion, insight and fortitude are admirable. It is wonderful to read about your travels although there are the obvious parts which have brought a tear to my eye. I’m having my own page 277 moment and your words have given me clarity. Thank you.


  6. Catherine Parker

    Ray’s book was delivered yesterday; it looks amazing. I bought it for my husband but I’ll be keen to read it as well. We’ve both taken a keen in interest in Ray for many many years; his TV programmes cannot be bettered and now the book is the icing on the cake.


  7. Ciaran Rooney

    Book arrived yesterday – looking forward to reading through over the next couple weeks!

    Great interview! Ray’s comments on being able to explore Nature freely as a child, and that the wilderness isn’t something to be feared, are spot on.

    Bushcraft & Nature teach independence and peace.



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