Woodlore Review – Buffalo Systems Womens Active Lite Shirt

Here at Woodlore HQ, we asked the members of our full-time team to pick their favourite courses and kit from our range, to find out just what it is that makes them so good. Head of Merchandise Jane Mitchell chose her Buffalo Systems Womens Active Lite Shirt:

Jane with her Buffalo Active Lite Shirt on Vancouver Island

Jane with her Buffalo Active Lite Shirt on Vancouver Island

Having already purchased one of their Mountain Shirts I was well aware of how fantastic Buffalo jackets are at keeping you warm and snug in cold, windy conditions. Their ventilation is also great, as most models feature easily accessible side zips.

So, based on the above I purchased the Womens Active Lite Shirt and I wasn’t disappointed. I was amazed at just how light the jacket was (all the while maintaining that warm, snug feeling), and how small it could be packed down to.

The Buffalo Systems Women's Active Lite Shirt

The Buffalo Systems Women’s Active Lite Shirt

The new shade of bark is such a lovely tone. It’s such a versatile jacket and perfect for so many outdoor activities, but is still smart enough for popping into town. It’s now my favourite jacket and one I certainly wouldn’t be without.

– Jane Mitchell

We’ve recently expanded our range of women’s clothing here at Woodlore; to view the full collection, please visit the following link: Women’s Outdoor Clothing and Equipment


2 thoughts on “Woodlore Review – Buffalo Systems Womens Active Lite Shirt

  1. Jane Mitchell

    Thanks Ciaran. It certainly rained in Vancouver Island so my jacket was just what I needed. Despite the rain, Vancouver Island is such an amazing place to visit, especially Tofino. I’m looking forward to trying out some more Women’s Clothing on my next trip later this year.



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