Weasel Watching

Woodlore’s Director, Steve Gurney, made a surprise spotting when visiting one of our East Sussex course sites earlier this year:

It was a lovely sunny August afternoon and I was walking back to my car during a visit to one of Woodlore’s course sites. Suddenly, a small creature ran straight out in front of me. I immediately stopped in my tracks; the creature also stopped and then made a u-turn and sped back from where it came from.

I slowly crept towards and looked into the bushes where the creature entered and to my astonishment a little weasel was staring right back at me. “Who’s looking at who here?” I thought, and then “Quick, take a photo”.

Weasel Watching

Weasel Watching

Luckily I had my new camera at the ready as I had been on a mission specifically to try it out that afternoon. Excitedly, I took a few quick photos in that very brief moment and hoped that at least one would come out okay. Luckily one photo did come out well which is shown above. I was so pleased, especially as such a sighting and photo opportunity like this was apparently quite rare.

– Steve Gurney

8 thoughts on “Weasel Watching

  1. Elen Sentier

    Lucky you, Steve, and a great picture. We had a stoat come by the pond in the garden last month. She too stopped and looked at me from a couple of feet away then shot off through the grass to glare at the cat. Cat thought about pouncing … I told her “Don’t even think about it! That lady has buck rabbits bigger than you for breakfast!” Cat sensibly decided to wash :-. Unfortunately I had no camera by me at the time.

    Absolutely gorgeous when a wild creature will come this close.


  2. Steve Gurney

    Thank you. I still cannot believe I managed to get the photo. I guess I was lucky that I had my camera ready. It would be great to see anyone else’s wildlife photos that we could put on the blog.


  3. Rik

    Excellent shot.
    Good sense of scale with the bramble leaves too.
    Once watched one of these latched onto the back of a rabbit, tumbling down an embankment and twenty yards into a grazed field, until said bunny succumbed. The noise was chilling. Awesome little creatures.



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