#AskWoodlore – Keith Whitehead

“Scotland is the perfect location in which to host the final courses of Woodlore’s 2015 UK course season.  The stunning woodland of Perthshire has a very different feel to our usual forest home in the Weald, and certainly puts an edge on the courses that we run there.  There is a sense of urgency as the red squirrels scamper about, making ready for the winter, and the fallow begin to rut, occasionally bellowing their presence through the mists that hang low in the trees.

There is urgency too in the students who build their homes and begin to gather the essentials that will sustain them through the coming week on our Journeyman course.  All those who attended our Fundamental Lochside and Journeyman courses this year had a taste of this beautiful place, and some even enjoyed an unseasonal spell of very warm weather!  Well done to all, but especially to those who attended the Journeyman course – it is an achievement to be proud of.”

– Keith Whitehead

A shelter built during the Journeyman course

A shelter built during the Journeyman course in Scotland

Keith Whitehead, one of our Fundamental Instructors, has very kindly offered to participate in an interview this week, in between his busy quartermaster duties, preparing for our winter expedition in Canada, and taking some time off for a well-earned rest. So, if you have any questions you would like to put to Keith for a short interview about the Woodlore course season, or anything else relating to our courses, please post it in the comments section at the bottom of this article. Alternatively, you can post your questions on facebook or twitter using the hashtag #AskWoodlore.

The interview will take place on Thursday 29th October, so please get your questions to us by Wednesday 28th October at 5pm and a selection of them will be answered by Keith.  We look forward to hearing from you.

The person who asks the best question, as chosen by Keith, will receive a £20 Woodlore voucher.

Keith Whitehead

Woodlore Fundamental Instructor Keith Whitehead

10 thoughts on “#AskWoodlore – Keith Whitehead

  1. Andrew Casey

    Hi Keith,

    I hope I find you well. My question is:

    What role do you think the bushcraft community can play in making modern society more conscious of our environments, nature and how we rebuild the relationships that have been lost over only a generation or two?

    All the best,



  2. Chris G

    After just completing the last course of the season I finally understand what you and the other instructors have been saying when quizzed about the Journeyman. “The more you put in, the more you get out.” I put a lot into the course, physically and mentally, but I got a lot more out of the Journeyman, including good friends and an unforgettable but tough and rewarding experience.

    Dan, Keith and Rob, thanks for all your help, encouragement, support and sense of humour.

    My question to you, Keith – After the Journeyman and the obvious positive experience and impact it had on you, what course/adventure/challenge did you undertake next and why?

    I’m really interested to know how the Journeyman experience contributed to what you did next, plus I’m looking for something else to do after next year and you haven’t steered me wrong yet. 😜


  3. Marcin from Poland

    Dear Keith,
    Please give key characteristics of a teacher being able to light up a passion in a student to learn bushcraft?
    Best regards,
    Marcin from Poland


  4. Ciaran Rooney

    Would you say there are any keys to friction fire lighting, in humid/wet conditions, other than preparation?

    Are there any special ways of carving the notch to generate more heat for example?

    Thanks again Keith.


  5. Alan Linee

    Hello Keith.
    Training with yourself, Dan and Rob in Scotland last year on the Fundamental was a great and inspiring time, being back again this year and further experiencing such a wonderful level of course structure and instructing from you and the team on the Journeyman I would like ta say a big thankyou for an experience that is among the best times of my life.
    Sorry, not a question but in reply to your words regarding the training in Scotland, I do feel proud for having completed the course and I am still reflecting on the journey, clearly a journey for the mind as well as our physical boundaries and confidence.
    Thankyou and best wishes.
    Alan Linee


  6. Annelie

    I love being outside and I am quite a lot. Problem: I am from Sweden, and I have serious problems with the cold. So I enjoy a few months but not more. What should I focus on learning to cope with this?



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