Wild Australia with Ray Mears – Episode 3 – ‘Bush’


Wild Australia with Ray Mears Episode 3

Wild Australia with Ray Mears Episode 3

Episode three of Wild Australia was broadcast at 8:00PM on Monday 9th May on ITV1. If you missed it, you can now watch it online via the ITV Player for a limited period of time by clicking on the image above.

In this episode Ray is in Victoria, just South West of Melbourne in the You Yangs National Park, where he meets up with researcher Janine Duffy in a dry eucalyptus forest.  There they go in search of koalas and find a young male who nervously tries to establish his own territory.

Ray then moves down to the open grasslands and tracks a mob of Eastern grey kangaroos, before visiting the Mount Rothwell Conservation Reserve. There he meets an unusual marsupial – a predator – this is almost extinct on the mainland of Australia: a tiger quoll, a smaller relative of the Tasmanian devil.

Finally, Ray journeys through a wet eucalyptus forest to Lake Elizabeth and, canoeing across the quiet waters, finds himself surrounded by rare and unique duck billed platypuses.

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