Wild France with Ray Mears – New to ITV

A brand new six-part series is due to begin on ITV1 at 8pm on Monday 11th July. In this stunning new series, Ray explores the geography, flora, and fauna of six dramatic French landscapes, including the high mountain ranges of the Alps, the coastal waters of Brittany, the chestnut forests of the Cevennes and the wetlands of the Camargue.

Wild France with Ray Mears

Wild France with Ray Mears

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About Woodlore Limited

Woodlore, The School of Wilderness Bushcraft, was founded in 1983 by the British Bushcraft expert, Ray Mears. Paving the way for Bushcraft courses in the UK, Woodlore began with Ray teaching small groups of students the knowledge and techniques that he had spent most of his early life honing. With Ray’s ambition and perserverance, Woodlore has since grown into a world-renowned and highly respected school, offering in-depth courses on a wide range of bushcraft and survival subjects.

14 thoughts on “Wild France with Ray Mears – New to ITV

    1. Anonymous

      isn’t it wonderful? i’ve lived/visited most of the parts mentioned and can vouch for the series’ loveliness! how i wish it was available on dvd. maybe if we pester them enough, ha, ha??


    2. Laurin Lindsey

      Just watched your all the episodes of Wild France on Netflix here in Houston Texas. Absolutly brillant. I have been to France many times and can’t wait to go back!


  1. Gavin Hewitt

    Just watched part 5 in this series. Listening to Ray eloquently describing the lovely aromas of Provence whilst my wife and I sit in our living room with the unmistakable esscence of Chicken manure the local farmer has spread on a nearby field……..the irony of it. 🙂



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