Meet Woodlore’s Instructors: Nick Thompson

Since Woodlore’s inception many decades ago, our aim has always been to offer the most prestigious level of training in bushcraft and wilderness survival skills. As such, we pride ourselves on our dedicated team of instructors, whose passion for the subject shines through in their teaching.

And so it is with delight that we continue the new series of blog posts today focusing on individual members of our team. If you’ve been thinking about booking a course with Woodlore, here is your chance to get to know the instructors who may be guiding you this year.


Nick Thompson

Woodlore Aspirant Instructor Nick Thompson


Nick Thompson



How many years have you been working with Woodlore?


How did your journey with Woodlore begin?

I’ve always camped with the minimum of kit (initially through economic necessity!), using a tarp and thoroughly enjoying the closeness to nature. I realised I wasn’t the only one with such an interest after attending the ‘Wilderness Gathering’. Then, through speaking with an ex-member of staff, I sent in my CV following which I was invited attend a recruitment selection.

Which Woodlore courses have you attended as a student?

And which Woodlore courses have you previously worked on as an instructor?

What is your profession outside of Woodlore?

Having always had a love of trees, I work as much as I can as an arborist but being a bit long in the tooth now, I vary this with more general work hedge cutting, fencing etc.

What are your interests?

Aside from just ‘being’ outside in nature, walking, climbing, swimming, reading (esp. poetry) and karate.

What is your most memorable course experience?

Listening to and watching a Nightjar on a beautiful clear night at Eridge. I’d never heard one before and, it was fascinating.

Which skills have you learnt as an instructor that you have found the most useful during your own adventures?

It’s the aggregation of skills that give confidence and, a way of implementing them that makes my own exploits more efficient and enjoyable.

Which skills are you hoping to perfect this season?

More proficiency (speed) in carving

Understanding and navigating by the stars

What is your favourite meal to cook outdoors?

I always really enjoy the panassed Salmon cooked on courses, but the trail meal I enjoy is Feta cheese and couscous, augmented with tasty ingredients such as Wood Sorrel, Lady’s Smock, Rose Hips etc.

What would be your dream travel destination?

Anywhere wild! Easter island?

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