Wild France with Ray Mears – Episode 5 – Provence

Wild France with Ray Mears - Episode 5

Wild France with Ray Mears – Episode 5

Episode five of Wild France was broadcast at 8:00PM on Monday 8th August on ITV1.  If you missed it, you can now watch it online via the ITV Player for a limited period of time by clicking on the image above.

The hills of Provence in Southern France are loved for their ancient olive groves and lavender fields. But this is also where a very special scrub-land known as the Maquis or the Garrigue is found. On the limestone outcrops, prickly juniper, scattered pines and dry-habitat aromatic herbs such as lavender, sage and thyme carpet the hillsides.

Ray explores this classic Provence landscape, visiting the beautiful ochre canyons and heads off to the gorge to look for the rare Bonelli’s eagle.  Ray also uses his tracking skills to find a whole family of wild boar.

3 thoughts on “Wild France with Ray Mears – Episode 5 – Provence

  1. nmbertin

    There’s no such thing as Lubéron National Park I’m afraid. It’s a Parc Naturel Régional, managed by the region, not the government.


  2. Tim Copp


    I saw Ray was using an MoD No.12 stove in the back of his Discovery.

    I’d be interested to know if Ray really uses these stoves as part of his regular kit?

    Kind regards,




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