Ray Mears Wild France – Episode 6 – Brittany

Wild France with Ray Mears - Episode 6

Wild France with Ray Mears – Episode 6

The final episode of Wild France was broadcast at 8:00PM on Monday 15th August on ITV1. If you missed it, you can now watch it online via the ITV Player for a limited period of time by clicking on the image above.

Ray visits the rugged West Coast of Brittany. He heads out by boat to discover the nearby islands. On his journey he gets up close to bottlenose dolphins when they come swimming up to his boat.

He meets a seal colony and finds some seaweed fishermen before heading back to land. By the rocks, he discovers a family of peregrines who’ve built their nest dangerously close to land and meets Joel, a local shellfish specialist who takes him down to the beach to look for shellfish and learn about Brittany’s high tides.

1 thought on “Ray Mears Wild France – Episode 6 – Brittany

  1. Sylvie

    I really appreciate your sensitivity to nature and have enjoyed watching the episodes. Seeing the kelp harvesting boats however seemed like a deviation from nature and gave me pause — is there any regulation of this industry? Is there a danger of over-harvesting?



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