The Elementree Kindler

We are proud to be supporting Woodlore Senior Assistant Callum Hilder by stocking his exciting invention, the Elementree Kindler. Callum has designed and built an efficient and safe way of turning the standard sized logs you would find at your local petrol station or have delivered by your firewood merchant, into kindling for your wood-burning stove, firepit, pizza oven or small fireplace. Here is a little insight from Callum as to why he decided to develop this product and about his journey so far:

Elementree Kindler

Elementree Kindler

Kindling or small firewood, and the production of it is a rapidly growing industry here in the UK.

But is it as easy to produce as the professionals make it look? Not for the homeowner and small firewood producer we say!

Elementree Kindler Blanks

Elementree Kindler Blanks

I’m sure that at some point we have all pulled the rusty, loose headed axe from the corner of a shed and proceeded to bash into some logs (and the patio) to try and make some kindling – or at least some slightly smaller pieces of log  – whilst maintaining our thumbs… Usually in the dark or when we are tired but want or need a fire – sound familiar?

Well about 5 years ago I got fed up with doing that and since then have been working to produce the Elementree Kindler.

It has taken those 5 years to gain our intellectual property, research and thoroughly test, stress and attempt to break each and every prototype and then launch to market successfully in September 2017 at the Glee trade show, Birmingham. What a journey it’s been!

Elementree Kindler Launch

Elementree Kindler Launch

The Kindler now enables confident and not so confident users to quickly, efficiently and above all, safely produce kindling or small logs.

By placing a log up to 150mm in diameter and 200mm long onto the blades and driving down through with the supplied dead-blow mallet (this has got lead shot in it to give an extra whack) the Kindler produces 4 pieces each time! Easy as that.

Kindler Prototypes

Kindler Prototypes

Perfect for getting the fire going, feeding a log burner, pizza oven, firepit or simply amassing piles of kindling!

You can now purchase the Elementree Kindler from the Woodlore online shop!

– Callum Hilder, Senior Assistant

1 thought on “The Elementree Kindler

  1. Paul Cobham

    That’s brilliant. Well done Callum. Of course having been on my Woodlore bushcraft courses I am a confident with my well maintained and unrusty axe! In fact Callum is partly responsible for my training 🙂 It’s a great idea and brilliant that it’s been brought to life. That’s really impressive. And that hammer looks like it will make short work of picture hanging too. Double winner.



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