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The Elementree Kindler

We are proud to be supporting Woodlore Senior Assistant Callum Hilder by stocking his exciting invention, the Elementree Kindler. Callum has designed and built an efficient and safe way of turning the standard sized logs you would find at your local petrol station or have delivered by your firewood merchant, into kindling for your wood-burning stove, firepit, pizza oven or small fireplace. Here is a little insight from Callum as to why he decided to develop this product and about his journey so far:

Elementree Kindler

Elementree Kindler

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Carving Master Class with Ray Mears review

It was a pleasure to hear from one of our regular clients about his experience of the Carving Master Class with Ray Mears. Charles made contact with us after attending his course and gave us this lovely feedback:­­

Wood carving – an activity that is practical, calming, skilful and quite often entertaining all at the same time.

I recently had the privilege of spending a day improving my carving ability whilst on the Carving Master Class with Ray Mears, a course bought for me (as I expect many people’s courses are) by my wife.

A stroll down into the woods with a course assistant brought us to a clearing with Ray already hard at work splitting a large sweet chestnut log into foot and a half long planks. Logs for seats, the trusty old camp kettle suspended over a open fire and a beautiful sunny day – what could be better!

A rough spoon at the end of the course

The spoon I finished to a rough standard by the end of the day

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