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See the Spyderco Ray Mears WolfSpyder Knife in Production

Step inside Spyderco’s renowned Golden, Colorado factory as the Ray Mears WolfSpyder Knife is produced:

The WolfSpyder Knife is an exclusive collaboration between Ray Mears and the prestigious American knife makers Spyderco. It is the first ever folding knife to be designed by Ray Mears, and is available to order exclusively through Woodlore. For full details, please click here.

Woodlore and Ray Mears Unveil the Spyderco WolfSpyder Knife

Woodlore is proud to finally reveal the Spyderco WolfSpyder Knife, a unique collaboration between Ray Mears and the prestigious Colorado-based knife makers. It is the first ever folding knife to be designed by Ray Mears, and is available to order exclusively through Woodlore.

The Spyderco Ray Mears Wolfspyder Knife

The Spyderco Ray Mears WolfSpyder Knife

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How To Make Your Own Bowsaw


A folding saw is an essential item of equipment when travelling in woodland areas, but sometimes something a little larger can ease the workload and open up possibilities. Carrying a buck saw or pack saw is one way to address this, but if you want to travel a little lighter it is possible to carry just the blade and improvise a frame from the woodland; one of the many skills taught on the Woodlore Camp Craft course. The bending of the wood is usually facilitated by heating, but this is not always necessary as you will see. For this guide, we used a 24″ Bahco Bowsaw Blade.

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Your Julius Pettersson Knives – Collection #1

Ever since we began stocking Julius Pettersson’s hand-forged knife blades, craftsmen and women the world over have been sending in photos of the superb finished knives they’ve made using these carbon steel blanks. From the more traditional reindeer antler, right through to reclaimed bowling balls, we’ve seen an incredible variety of materials being used to make an equally wide range of handle styles. Shown here are just a few of the more recent submissions:

James Vann

James Vann

As a forester, I often come across pieces of timber that are too good to go to waste. The handle here is made from an oak burr that was on a tree I felled in Lamberhurst, and I added a brass bolster and lanyard tube as I thought the colours would match nicely. After a lot of filing and sanding, I got it to fit in my hand comfortably. I then decided I would try to make a sheath, as I thought it would be another fun project… Little did I know leather working is very time consuming! After a couple of late nights, it was finally finished and I’m glad I made it myself. It was a pleasure, and probably wont be the last one I’ll make. I have also filed down a section of the back of the blade so it works with a firesteel now.” – James Vann

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The Woodlore Summer Sale

The Woodlore Summer Sale is now here, with big reductions to over 50 items of bushcraft clothing and equipment, from such brands as Bergans, Buffalo, Fjallraven, Hilleberg, Icebreaker, Petzl and Swazi.

The Woodlore Summer Sale

To view the full range of sale items, please click here.

How to Make Your Own Cooking Tripod

Last month we shared our guide on how to cook a Hunter’s Stew in the outdoors, in which we suspended a small Dutch oven over the campfire using a tripod made from natural materials. For those who haven’t made one before, here’s a quick guide on how to make your own cooking tripod.


The various ways of suspending a pot over the fire are almost endless, but the adjustable tripod hanger is one of the simplest and most effective options, particularly when you encounter hard or rocky ground. Not only is it a practical tool, it is also an elegant addition to any camp. Requiring only basic tools and a few simple skills, it is quick and easy to make.  Continue reading

Win 1 of 3 Bergans Morgedal Backcountry Anoraks

To celebrate the long-awaited return of the Bergans Morgedal Backcountry Anorak, Woodlore will be giving away three of these excellent cotton smocks in the coming weeks leading up to their release.

Bergans Morgedal Backcountry Anorak

The Bergans Morgedal Backcountry Anorak

To enter this exclusive competition, all you need to do is visit the product page here and click on the ‘Notify Me’ button; then simply enter your name and e-mail address. By doing this you will receive an automated e-mail once the product is available to purchase, but you will also be entered into our prize draw.

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