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Ray Mears to Headline the Bushcraft Show in 2016

Ray Mears has been confirmed as the main guest speaker at The Bushcraft Show in 2016, heading a line-up that includes such other experts as Dr. Lewis Dartnell, Ffyona Campbell and Andrew Price.


Ray will be speaking on the main stage at 3PM on Saturday 28th May. Spaces are limited for this talk, and tickets can be purchased for a small booking fee here. Please note that tickets for this particular talk should not be purchased without a valid ticket for The Bushcraft Show itself.

Ray Mears Tour Dates for 2016 – ‘Tales of Endurance’

We are very excited to announce that Ray Mears will be embarking on a brand new tour in 2016, entitled ‘Tales of Endurance’. Please scroll down to see the full list of dates and venues.

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2016 UK Courses are Now Available to Book

The wait is over – we are pleased to announce that our UK courses for 2016 are now available to book on our website, so why not start or continue your Woodlore journey…

We are also giving away a free Petzl Headtorch with every 2-day or week-long UK course booking made by 31st October 2015. Please read our previous post for further details.

UK Bushcraft Courses

The serene loch in Scotland where the Journeyman takes place

How often do you yearn for something truly inspirational to shake up your life and open the door to a new and exciting world of adventure? For Woodlore instructors Dan Hume and Keith Whitehead, this is exactly what happened when they first made the decision to book onto a Woodlore course. They found the passion, insights and skills that are the gateway to the wilderness beyond our courses and on to their own trips and expeditions. We invite you to take your first steps in to the wilderness with Woodlore.

In the time since I started exploring the natural world, I have had the privilege to witness more of its variety and splendour than I could ever have imagined. Woodlore has taken me on a tremendous journey that has really only just begun. Why not start yours now and see where it takes you?” – Dan Hume

Woodlore put everything together for me and from the minute that I walked into the woods, everything made sense. The outdoor world is now a far more vibrant place and there is a lifetime of learning and adventure ahead of me.” – Keith Whitehead

A stunning landscape in Canada

A stunning landscape in the Woodland Caribou Provincial Park, Canada


Watch ‘Emptying the Skies’ Online

In 2014 Ray Mears was invited to a private UK screening of the independent film Emptying the Skies. The documentary highlights the great threat that is currently faced by migrating songbirds, which are being killed in vast numbers as they fly across southern Europe. Due to their status as a French culinary delicacy, millions of small birds are being poached each year, fetching large sums of money on the black market.

Based on a widely republished article for The New Yorker by best-selling novelist Jonathan Franzen, Emptying the Skies aims to raise awareness of this devastating environmental tragedy and the journey of those risking their lives to stop it. This squad of pan-European bird-lovers are waging a secret war against the poachers, disrupting illegal trapping to free as many birds as possible. Continue reading

Ray Mears Celebrates his 50th Birthday

Today marks the 50th birthday of Woodlore’s founder, Ray Mears. In honour of this special occasion, the Woodlore team commissioned the work of a master hand engraver to produce a set of custom silver cufflinks, etched with the classic Woodlore logo.

Ray Mears opens his present from Woodlore

Ray Mears opens his present from Woodlore

Happy 50th Birthday Ray!

Happy 50th Birthday Ray!

Ray's one-of-a-kind Woodlore cufflinks

Ray’s one-of-a-kind Woodlore cufflinks

On behalf of the entire Woodlore team, we would like to wish Ray a very happy birthday; here’s to many more years of adventures!


Ray Mears – My Outdoor Life

Ray Mears is a man who can shape a canoe out of natural materials, make fire without matches, track man or wolf, make shelter of snow or sticks, and knows which plant is good to eat and which is not. But where his drive to be outside came from, what prompted his interest in nature, and why he took the route he has in life is now clear, through this, his autobiography:


Ray Mears - My Outdoor Life


Published today, My Outdoor Life tells the story of how a young boy growing up on the North Downs of England eventually became one of the world’s most highly regarded figures in the field of Bushcraft and survival.

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Ray Mears Introduces His Autobiography, My Outdoor Life

My Outdoor Life is the first ever autobiography by the British Bushcraft and survival expert Ray Mears, and will be published on 12th September 2013. Watch the exclusive video below as Ray introduces this exciting new book:

To pre-order your copy, signed by Ray Mears himself, please visit the Woodlore Shop.


Ray Mears Close Encounters – The New ITV Series

Ray Mears while on location for Close Encounters

Ray Mears while on location for Close Encounters

The first episode of Ray’s brand new series, Ray Mears Close Encounters, will be broadcast at 9:00 pm on Wednesday 17th July on ITV1. 

In this new two-part documentary series, survival expert and presenter Ray Mears follows two of Australia’s most iconic animals, the Saltwater Crocodile and Tasmanian Devil. By studying these animals up close and in the wild, Ray gains a privileged insight into their unique habitats, in Australia’s Northern Territory and Tasmania’s wilderness. Continue reading

Order Your Signed Copy of Ray Mears’ Autobiography, My Outdoor Life

The first ever autobiography by Ray Mears, entitled My Outdoor Life, is now available to pre-order. Each copy sold through Woodlore will come individually signed by Ray Mears himself – a service that is not available through any other stockists.

Please click here to pre-order your copy today

My Outdoor Life - The Ray Mears Autobiography


*All orders will be dispatched following the book’s release date of 12th September 2013.

Ray Mears to Release Autobiography in 2013

Ray Mears fans unite! The British publishers Hodder & Stoughton have confirmed that the much-anticipated Ray Mears autobiography will be released later this year. Provisionally titled ‘An Outdoor Life‘, the book is scheduled for release in September 2013, coinciding with Ray’s nationwide lecture tour.

Ray during filming for the 'Wolves' episode of Survival with Ray Mears, Idaho

Ray in Idaho, during filming for the ‘Wolves’ episode of Survival with Ray Mears

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